New Delhi, Sep 27 (PTI) “The Hindu solution of the problem of the conflict of religions is likely to be accepted in the future seems to me to be fairly certain” — this quote of former President S Radhakrishnan was referred to by the Supreme Court on Thursday on the Ayodhya dispute case. Also Read - Centre Mulls Extending Nationwide Lockdown as COVID-19 Cases Near 5000-mark With 124 Deaths | Top Developments

The apex court also quoted the words of King Asoka and two former judges who have heard the issues related to the Ayodhya dispute. Also Read - Coronavirus in Gujarat: 14-month-old Toddler Dies of COVID-19 in Jamnagar

The majority verdict by Chief Justice Dipak Misra and Justices Ashok Bhushan on the case quoted Radhakrishnan from his book “The Hindu View of Life”, while dealing with the subject of “conflict of religion”. Also Read - New York Leads Coronavirus Death Toll With 731 Fatalties in 24 Hours

“We are also reminded of rich culture and heritage of this ancient country which has always been a matter of great learning and inspiration for the whole world,” the bench said.

The court said that King Ashok had given several messages to the world which are engraved in rock edicts which shows reverence towards faith of others.

Justice Bhushan said that former president has expressed great hope with Hindu view of life.

The bench also recalled the words of two judges Justice J S Verma, who authored the majority verdict of Ismail Faruqui case of 1994, and Justice S U Khan, who was part of the bench of Allahabad High Court which pronounced the verdict on Ayodhya dispute in 2010.

“We remind us as well as members of both the major communities of this country, Hindus and Muslims, the thoughtful message given by Justice S U Khan in his judgment as well as the words of Justice J S Verma speaking for majority in Ismail Faruqui’s case,” it said.

Quoting Justice J S Verma it said that his judgement had expressed great hope for Hinduism which is a tolerant faith.

“Hinduism is a tolerant faith. It is that tolerance that has enabled Islam, Christianity, Zoroastrianism, Judaism, Buddhism, Jainism and Sikhism to find shelter and support upon this land. We have no doubt that the moderate Hindu has little taste for the tearing down of the place of worship of another to replace it with a temple…”, said the bench, quoting Justice Verma.

Justice Bhushan, quoting Justice S U Khan from his judgement said: “Muslims must also ponder that at present the entire world wants to know the exact teaching of Islam in respect of relationship of Muslims with others. Hostility- peace-friendship- tolerance –opportunity to impress others with the Message — opportunity to strike wherever and whenever possible or what? In this regard Muslims in India enjoy a unique position…” The bench further said: “We are confident that observations made by Justice S.U. Khan of Allahabad High Court as quoted as well as observations of Justice J S Verma made in the judgment are observations which shall guide both the communities in their thought, deed and action.” Justice Bhushan also quoted the King Asoka in 245 BC and said that he had given several messages to the world which are engraved in rock edicts which shows reverence towards faith of others.

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