Beijing, July 11 (IANS) China will not yield to international pressure over the treatment of ailing Nobel Peace laureate and dissident Liu Xiaobo, warned official daily Global Times on Tuesday, accusing the international community of politicising the case.Also Read - Afghanistan Crisis: Why Did Ashraf Ghani Leave The Country?

There have been mounting global pressure on Beijing to release Liu, who is suffering from terminal cancer, and allow him to leave the country for medical treatment in a country of his choice. Also Read - US Eases Travel Restrictions on India Amid Dip in COVID Cases, Lowers Advisory to Level 3 | Here's What it Means

“The authorities have taken the feelings of Western society into consideration, and have no intention to use Liu as a bargaining chip,” said the Global Times, considered the mouthpiece of the ruling Communist Party. Also Read - The Penchant Endorsement of The Crisis of India by International Media

Liu, 61, was granted medical parole and released from jail last month after he was diagnosed with cancer. He had been serving an 11-year prison sentence for “inciting subversion of state power” in Jinzhou, near Shenyang.

The US, the European Union and several human rights organisations have increased pressure on Beijing to let Liu and his family seek medical help abroad.

China, however, argued that the dissident had been provided with the best possible medical care in the country.

Beijing had allowed two doctors from Germany and the US to attend to Liu this weekend.

The Global Times editorial also referred to a video in which German doctor Markus Buchler was heard saying: “I don’t think we can do better than you in Germany. But I can speak for Germany only. I don’t think we can do better medically than you. You are doing very well.”

The video was only a few seconds long and appeared heavily edited, Efe news reported.

The release of the video provoked sharp criticism from Germany and its embassy in Beijing issued a statement condemning it for flouting doctor-patient confidentiality.

“The question is since the Chinese doctors have done very well, and since German doctors cannot do better, while there is risk in the movement of a patient, why do certain forces outside China insist on seeking overseas treatment for Liu and pressuring Chinese government on it,” asked the daily in its editorial, responding to Germany’s reaction.

“Is it about Liu’s medical treatment? Apparently not,” it concluded.

Meanwhile, veteran human rights defenders called the Global Times article a “bad joke”.

“Who politicised the whole thing? It has always been the Chinese government. What crimes did Liu Xia (Liu’s wife) commit? Why has she been under tight surveillance all these years. And can Liu Xiaobo and Liu Xia talk freely to journalists and their friends,” said Patrick Poon, an Amnesty International researcher, to Efe news.

“The Global Times piece only exposes how ridiculous the Chinese authorities are,” said Poon.

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