Mumbai, Jun 26 (PTI) RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat today said the country was “lagging behind” in utilisation of technology and research in the fields of agriculture and industry. Also Read - Delhi Chalo: Defying Barricades, Water Cannons, Farmers Push Through Haryana; Security Beefed Up at Border Crossings | Key Points

Bhagwat said though India should become a “mahashakti” (world power), the country is already a “vishwaguru” (world teacher). Also Read - Mumbai Terror Attacks: Meet Devika N Rotawan, Eight-year-old Who Helped Seal Ajmal Kasab's Fate

“Our country desperately needs technology and research to advance productivity in the fields of industry, trade and agriculture. But unfortunately, we are lagging behind too much in utilisation of technology and research in these fields,” he said. Also Read - ED Arrests Cox & Kings Promoter Peter Kerkar in Money Laundering Case

Bhagawat was speaking as the chief guest in an installation programme organised by the Maharashtra Chamber of Commerce, Industry & Agriculture (MACCIA).

“If we consider the background of ‘mahashaktis’ of the modern world, then we would not prefer to be them.

‘Mahashaktis’ think only about their own benefit. Therefore, ‘mahashakti’ is not a suitable terminology for India and the right word is ‘wishwaguru’ (world teacher),” Bhagawat said.

He, however, underlined the need for the country to become a superpower.

“While (we are) marching ahead, there is a friction between development and ecology, which is happening because we have failed to develop a mechanism,” the Sangh head said.

He lauded Indian entrepreneurs for having a “knack” for charity.

“CSR (corporate social responsibility) is a new law in today’s world. It was not earlier in our country. (Earlier) businessman or traders who had money would decide where to utilise that money. Construction of ponds and dharmshalas (shelters) was the result of their responsibility towards the society,” Bhagwat said.

He expressed the need to have “balancing trade laws” in place.

“In socialist countries, industries are not given due weight age and laws there are favourable to the working class, whereas in capitalist countries, laws favour industrialists and the working class does not have much scope. As far as our country is concerned, we would like to see balancing laws and a mutual cooperation between industrialists and the working class,” Bhagwat said.

This is published unedited from the PTI feed.