Bucharest, Oct 4 (AP) Police in Costa Rica say a Romanian politician who fled to the Central American country before could be sentenced for bribery and official misconduct has been arrested. Also Read - Beware! Criminal Networks Likely to Sell Fake Coronavirus Vaccines on Internet, Interpol Issues Global Alert

Costa Rica’s Interpol office said former Romanian Tourism Minister Elena Udrea was arrested in San Jose on Wednesday. Also Read - Covid-infected Letters Could Be Used to Target Politicians, Interpol Warns of New Threat

Defence lawyer Veronel Radulescu says he thinks Udrea won’t be extradited because she recently gave birth to a child. Also Read - PNB Money Laundering Case: Interpol Issues 'Red Corner Notice' to Arrest Nirav Modi's Wife Ami Modi

Speaking Thursday in Romania’s capital, Radulescu said: “Chances are zero in my opinion.” Udrea had a high-powered political career largely due to her connection with ex-President Traian Basescu.

Prosecutors said she illegally sponsored a gala with ministry funds featuring a boxing match and took a 10-per cent commission from the fighters’ contracts.

She denied wrongdoing and called for a retrial.

In June, a Romanian court sentenced her to six years in prison. (AP) RUP

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