New York, Jan 5 (PTI) Actor John Krasinski has revealed that he has stopped calling a movie bad after filmmaker Paul Thomas Anderson taught him about the importance of backing the projects that break the norm. Also Read - The Horror! Man Gets Trapped Underground With Rats After He Falls Down a 12-Feet Sinkhole

Anderson is a big fan of Krasinski’s directorial debut, “A Quiet Place”, and in December last year, the filmmaker had hosted a private screening of the film for Academy and industry people. Also Read - Proud Moment! New York's Richmond Hill Stretch Co-Named 'Punjab Avenue' to Honour Community's Contribution

Asked about the moment, Krasinski’s told New York Times, “I think I’ve only told my wife this, so why not say it in an interview: That was the moment that was most surreal of all this. Also Read - Air Travel Latest Updates: World's Longest Flight, Singapore to New York, Set to Make Return From Next Month | Deets Inside

“He emailed me and said, ‘You need to call me,’ and we talked on the phone and he was so specific and so honest about the movie. He’s been so kind to me through my career, but we were talking like we were on an even playing field and that tripped my wires. What I love most about Paul is that he loves movies,” he added.

He recalled an incident that happened at his house where during a discussion about a film, Krasinski casually remarked, “It’s not a good movie.” Anderson quietly explained the actor as to why it is important not to label films as good or bad.

“He so sweetly took me aside and said very quietly, ‘Don’t say that. Don’t say that it’s not a good movie. If it wasn’t for you, that’s fine, but in our business, we’ve all got to support each other.’ The movie was very artsy, and he said, ‘You’ve got to support the big swing. If you put it out there that the movie’s not good, they won’t let us make more movies like that,'” Krasinski revealed.

Praising the “Phantom Thread” director, the actor said Anderson is “defending the value of the artistic experience.” “He’s so good that maybe you project onto him that he’s allowed to be snarky, but he’s the exact opposite: He wants to love everything because that’s why he got into moviemaking. And ever since then, I’ve never said that I hate a movie,” Krasinski added.

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