New Delhi, Nov 5 (PTI) The second season of National Geographic’s sci-fi series “MARS” is returning with six episodes, which envision what might happen when earthlings become the red planet’s first residents.

The new season, produced by Brian Grazer and Ron Howard, premieres on National Geographic & Hotstar on November 17.

The first season of the series focused on how mankind will survive one of its greatest adventure -the journey to another planet and the new season picks up after this background, and highlights the actual problems humans will face as they try to survive on a completely new planet.

“In MARS, everything as simple as the quotidian, like personal hygiene and meals, requires greater effort and is exponentially more difficult in this foreign frontier of limited resources where new rules are often written on the fly,” said Stephen Petranek, MARS’ co-executive producer, scientific advisor and award-winning author of “How We’ll Live on Mars”.

“Leaving Earth insures long-term human survival, and we have the technology and spirit to get there, but what will it actually take to live there? MARS is a six-to-nine month trip one way… so before we get there, we better make sure we can permanently make it our own,” he added.

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