Los Angeles, July 31 (IANS) Actress Rooney Mara is happy to “suffer for her art”, and is willing to do whatever it takes if she is cast in an interesting role. Also Read - Pranksters Change The Iconic Hollywood Sign to 'Hollyboob' For Breast Cancer Awareness, Arrested

The “Una” actress says she would happily take on an interesting role even if she knew it would be hard to make, because there is a lot to learn, reports femalefirst.co.uk. Also Read - US Woman Wears Bikini Made of Masks to Protest Against COVID-19 Restrictions, Slammed Online

“There’s something to be said about having an awful experience. You learn so much about yourself when you have a challenging experience,” Mara told Empire magazine. Also Read - YouTuber Leaves Handwritten Note After Scratching Neighbour's Car, Resident's Response is Winning Hearts

“But I guess it depends on what kind of way it would be a bad experience. There are certain things I don’t want to compromise on. But I’m not against suffering for your art,” she added.

When it comes to selecting her roles, the 32-year-old actress often chooses her projects based on the director, even if it isn’t a part she feels particularly “drawn” to.

“It’s really just a feeling. I mean, I’m very filmmaker-driven. The director to me is so vital. I’ve done things where I’m not super-drawn to the part, but I really want to work with the director. So it’s just different. Usually it’s just a feeling I have when I read something,” she said.

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