Mumbai, April 23 (IANS) South African industrial percussion act 1st Project, who are here for their maiden performance, said they are interested in collaborating with Indian artistes and that even after performing in over 25 countries, they love to perform for their “favourite” Indian audiences. Also Read - Stunt Gone Wrong: Man Dressed As Superman Gets Hit by Moving Bus After He Tries to Stop It | Watch

The band, consisting of Andrew John Lingwood, Theodorus Hermanus Rosslee, Sybrand Johannes Van Dyk and Joshua Sanue, uses drums to create ‘Aggressive Percussion’. Also Read - Copa America 2021 to be Played in Brazil, Confirms CONMEBOL

Asked if they have any plans to collaborate with Indian percussionists, Rosslee told select media, including IANS, here: “We are very much interested. We are more fascinated with tabla… to gel with a tabla player will be an interesting thing for us.” Also Read - Cyclone Tauktae 'Very Likely' to Intensify Further, Landfall in Gujarat Early Tuesday | Highlights

He added: “Tabla has its own dynamics like rhythm patents. We have got one instrument to India. It’s like a small cocoon which sounds a little bit like the tabla and we will be incorporating that in our shows. We would absolutely love to play with some Indian instrument player. It will be great during the time of our show if anyone would want to have a jamming session with us.”

All the members have different musical influences.

What binds them?

Lingwood said: “The fact that drums are always played in the background… we always listen with a different perspective. Now it is the four of us, everyone brings his own piece from which we create music, melody, harmony, rhythm and patents through drums. Coming from different backgrounds helps us a lot to curate aggressive percussion.”

Their music is influenced by various aggressive percussions from Brazil, Africa and America along with different genres like American gospel, rock, pop and metal.

The band is also known for its highly energetic stage acts.

Do they work hard to maintain their physical fitness along with music practice sessions?

Lingwood said: “Yes, we work out a lot. We spend time working out and also in the kitchen cooking proper diet food. The physical fitness really takes us a step ahead to deliver better.”

Talking about India as their favourite place to perform, the band members said: “You guys are an amazing audience. The kind of energy, passion and the respect you have for the artistes is amazing. You are completely invested in the performance. All this encourages us to give a power-packed performance.”

1st Project, which is exclusive to production house AGP World in India, will conclude their performance here on Sunday.

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