Washington, Jun 22 (PTI) Expressing frustration over what he described as “obstruction” of the Democrats, US President Donald Trump today asked his Republican party leaders to stop wasting time on immigration legislation until after November elections. Also Read - US Announces Reward of up to USD 5 Million For Information About 26/11 Mastermind

Trump directed his administration to keep illegal immigrant families together during the immigration process, after he backed down on the controversial migrant family separations policy. Also Read - Trump Skips G20 Summit on Pandemic Preparedness, Later Spotted at His Golf Course: Report

“Republicans should stop wasting their time on Immigration until after we elect more Senators and Congressmen/women in November,” Trump said. Also Read - Won’t Let Rigged Election Steal Our Country: Trump Takes U-turn After Acknowledging Biden’s Victory

Trump’s tweets came after he stressed that Congress needed to act to resolve the problems at the US-Mexico border.

But stubborn differences between conservative and more moderate Republicans in the House have stalled immigration legislation on Capitol Hill, with a vote on a compromise measure delayed until next week.

Trump said the Democrats were just playing games and had no intention of doing anything to solve the decade-old problem.

“We can pass great legislation after the Red Wave!” he said as he asked his fellow Republicans to work towards getting more Republican Congressmen and Senators elected in the November mid-term Congressional elections.

In a series of tweets, Trump endorsed several Republican candidates for the November elections.

Over the past few days, he has expressed frustration over his inability to get through key legislations through the Congress, even though the ruling Republican Party has majority in both the House and the Senate.

In the 100-seat Senate, Republicans have a slender majority with 51 members, but for some of the key legislations, Trump needs support of at least 60 votes, thus having to depend on the Democratic party for additional nine votes.

He said it was unlikely to happen because of the opposition from the Democratic leadership Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi in the House and Senator Chuck Schumer in the Senate.

Trump said the United States must maintain a strong Southern border.

“We cannot allow our Country to be overrun by illegal immigrants as the Democrats tell their phony stories of sadness and grief, hoping it will help them in the elections. Obama and others had the same pictures, and did nothing about it!” he said.

In another tweet, Trump said that 80 per cent of Mexico’s exports came to the United States.

“They totally rely on us, which is fine with me. They do have, though, very strong immigration laws. The US has pathetically weak and ineffective immigration laws that the Democrats refuse to help us fix. Will speak to Mexico!” Trump said.

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