American internet entertainment company Netflix will move forward with a sequel to ‘Bright’ — a fantasy film starring Will Smith and Joel Edgerton. According to Netflix, David Ayer, who helmed ‘Bright’, will write and direct the sequel. Smith and Edgerton are expected to return as an LAPD officer and his orc partner respectively. Original screenwriter Max Landis will not return.

‘Bright’ got mixed reviews when it opened on December 22. Ayer picked up a story with modern-day sensibilities but added mythological characters to give it a fantastical touch — while addressing real issues.The action-thriller, which takes place in an alternate, present-day Los Angeles, tells the story of two police officers, one human, the other an orc, who get thrown in together but bond and get to know each other during a rough night. There are racial undertones, a focus on diversity as well as the class divide. ALSO READ: It’s Confirmed! Rajinikanth – Akshay Kumar’s 2.0 To Release On April 14

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Smith along with Edgerton, Noomi Rapace and Ayer came to India to promote the film. When IANS asked about plans to helm a sequel, Ayer said he was willing to come back to the universe of ‘Bright’. “It is a big world and it was the best experience in my career making this and if the audience wants more after they see it, I definitely see myself coming back,” said the director.