Ahmedabad, Feb 10: Anti-social elements seem to be on their toes to disrupt peace in Gujarat, which had witnessed one of the most horrific riots in 2002, raking communal issues like ‘Love Jihad’. A WhatsApp message is going viral inviting Muslim youths to marry girls belonging to other religions in return of cash reward. The WhatsApp post even offers different cash reward in return for tying knot with a Hindu girl or a Sikh girl.

“If a Muslim youth marries a Hindu Brahmin girl, he would be awarded with Rs 5 lakhs, similarly if someone gets hitched with a Sikh Punjabi girl, he would be given Rs 7 lakhs,” the notorious WhatsApp message says. “If the girl is from Kshatriya Hindu community, the cash reward would be Rs 4.5 lakhs, Gujarat Brahmin girl Rs 6 lakhs, Punjabi Hindu Rs 6 lakhs, Christian Roman Cathlolic Rs 4 lakhs, Christian Protestant Rs 3 lakhs, Jain Rs 3 lakhs, Gujarati Kutch girl Rs 3 lakhs,” it further adds. (ALSO READ: Shamli on verge of communal riot: Prophet Muhammad ridiculed; Hindu-Muslim conflict based on ‘Love Jihad’ theory)

The Love Jihad WhatsApp post is allegedly circulated by ‘Students of Muslim Youth Forum’ and encourages Muslim boys to trap girls from other communities in love and marry with them. The post also carries the address from where the Muslim youth, who successfully marries a girl from another religion, can collect their reward and 11 phone numbers to contact for assistance.

Meanwhile, the Vadodara Police has launched a probe into the matter and directed people not to fall in the trap and maintain peace. The police has asked residents to apprise the authorities in case they receive it on their cell phones.