Wales: All it took was one selfie that led to a former alcoholic to swear off drinking! Yes, 47-year-old Gene Davies, a resident of Cwmaman, opened up about how seeing his own selfie finally forced him to get sober.

Davies says how he had battled with alcoholism for decades, with his excessive drinking costing him multiple jobs, relationships and even his marriage. However, a picture he took after an accident finally gave him the much-needed push to change his life and reach out for help.

The selfie that he is taking about was taken after he was hospitalised for falling out of a bunk bed while drunk. Davies says seeing that picture was a shock to the system which urged him to let go of the dangerous addiction. The mishap occurred while Gene was staying in a friend’s spare room, because he was asked to leave his family home on account of his drinking.

Gene, recalls that his drinking habit started during his rock and roll days and says, ‘I’m not blaming rock and roll – I was a willing participant. ‘But it was definitely where my drink problem started.

Further more problems came his way because of the addiction as he was chucked out of university for not attending classes. He tried taking up a a series of odd jobs but was regularly dismissed.  After meeting his wife Vicky at a party in 2010, they had a son called Joe in 2015 and that’s when he once again decided to cut down on the drinking, but failed.

Gene, who used to gulp down a bottle and a half of whisky a day, has now been sober for 18 months, all thanks to the picture which finally showed him the disturbing reality.