New Delhi: Amid the risk of the possible third wave of the corona, approximately 28 per cent of Indians are planning to travel in August-September, which is also the time for some of the major festivals in the country, a survey conducted by online platform LocalCircles predicted. This comes against the backdrop of experts’ warning that with crowds building up, low adherence to COVID-19 appropriate behaviour third wave is inevitable, and it could hit the country in August-September.Also Read - Health Awards 2022: IDPL Felicitates Healthcare Warriors Of India

Meanwhile, the online platform LocalCircles conducted the survey to estimate the risk in light of a potential third COVID-19 wave and to understand people’s travel plans for the coming months. It also sought to understand the reason for their travel amid the second wave of the pandemic. The survey received over 18,000 responses from citizens residing in 311 districts, with 68 per cent of respondents men and the rest women. Also Read - Khosta-2, New COVID-Like Virus Found In Russian Bats, Can Infect Humans - All You Need To Know

In the survey, it was found that 28 per cent citizens are planning to travel during August-September though only five per cent have made their bookings. “In response, it received from 9,146 people, 63 per cent of citizens said they don’t have a plan to travel during these two months. Five per cent said they have plans and have booked the tickets, along with stays while 23 per cent said they have a plan to travel during these two months but have not booked tickets and they stay yet. Nine per cent said they are undecided,” LocalCircles said in the statement. Also Read - Wealth Inequality: Reports Indicate That Wealth Inequality In India Was At Peak During Covid-19 Pandemic, Stats And Numbers Revealed

During this time, many parts of India have holidays for festivals and there is a good bit of travel that takes place. Many also tend to club these holidays with weekends by taking a day or two off, it stated.

On being asked what kind of personal travel do they plan to undertake in the next two months, 13 per cent of respondents said ‘holiday destination’, 39 per cent said ‘visit family and friends’ and 22 per cent said ‘other travel’,

“The government must continue to create awareness among people about limiting non-essential travel till the time the risk of a third COVID-19 wave greatly reduces. The biggest challenge with travel when the virus is spreading was observed in March and April during the Kumbh Mela when as devotees went back to their hometowns, many came back with the infection,” LocalCircles said.

The platform said it will also submit the findings of this survey with central and state governments, so that the same can be used as an input in policy decisions in regard to mitigating the risk of the third COVID-19 wave in India.

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