New Delhi: Union Home Minister Amit Shah on Tuesday defended Prime Minister Narendra Modi on his remarks on NRC by saying there was actually no discussion in the Parliament over the issue.

The statement from the Union Minister comes after PM Modi this week during a rally in the national capital stated that there was no discussion on NRC so far. “From the time my government has come to power in the country, I want to make it clear to 130 crore countrymen that there has never been a single discussion on the NRC,” Pm Modi had said in his address.

Putting an end to the confusion between the National Register of Citizens (NRC) and the National Population Register (NPR), Amit Shah made it clear that the NRC has nothing to do with the NPR. Both are two different moves of the Central government, he added.

“There is no link between National Register of Citizens (NRC) and National Population Register (NPR), I am clearly stating this today,” Amit Shah said in an exclusive interview to ANI.

Talking about Kerala and Bengal chief ministers refusing to implement NRC in their respective states, Amit Shah urged them to review their decisions.

“I humbly appeal to both Chief Ministers again, that don’t take such a step and please review your decisions, don’t keep the poor out of development programs just for your politics,” he said.

He again made it clear that people will not lose their citizenship because of NPR. “It is possible that some names are missed in the NPR, still their citizenship will not be revoked because this is not the process of NRC. The NRC is a different process. I want to make it clear that nobody will lose citizenship because of the NPR,” he stated.

He said the constitutional provision of Census of the country will be done in 10 years. “The last census was done in 2011, so the next one is to be in 2021. The census process will begin in April 2020. Then the mapping of the houses will begin. Complete census and NPR will be done in 2021,”he added.