Audi is a well known luxury and sports car maker all over the world but their latest product has half the number of wheels they they usually make. The Audi bicycle, which costs shy of the equivalent of Rs. 12.5 lakh (USD 19,450) has been unveiled. You need to be soft in the head or a serious cyclist to spend the kind of money you would use to buy a decent sedan in India for. Also Read - Coronavirus Lockdown Impact? Nissan, Datsun Cars to Cost 5% More From Next Year

To put things in perspective, with Rs 12.38 lakh you can buy a Mahindra Scorpio or a more than three Hyundai Grand i10 hatchbacks and this is all for a cycle, which you need to pedal. What makes this cycle so great that Audi has dared to put such an exorbitant price tag on it? Well, it weighs less than 6 kg, and at precisely 5.8 kg, it is extremely light. Three MacBooks (Pro version) weight a kg more than the bicycle so it can let you go further. Also Read - Audi, Mc Donalds, Coca-Cola And Other Brands Create New ‘Social Distancing’ Logos Amid Coronavirus Crises

There are 5 types of frames available for the bike to be purchased with the frame being made by Toray Industries to manufacture the T1000 carbon frame of the Audi bicycle adhere to the Audi R18 e-tron Quattro standards. It has a Shimano digital gear shifting system and Dura Ace and has a saddle made to the specifications of the Audi R8. The light weight Meilenstein tyres weigh a total of just 1.18 kg. Also Read - Bhojpuri Bombshell Monalisa Shares Her Hot Pictures With Her New Audi And Hubby Vikrant Singh Rajput

To add to it’s exclusivity, apart from the price which will weed out the buyers is that Audi has made it as a limited edition with just 50 models so you cannot pop into your local adventure cycle shop and buy it off the rack. Audi claims that the bicycle adheres to the “highest aesthetic and design along with technical requirements”. The lack of weight as compared to ‘standard’ cycles is because of the carbon fibre frame. Carbon fibre is used in hypercars and Formula 1 racing machines to give the rigidity while not compromising on shape and form.