New Delhi, August 2: Three brothers between the age of 7 and 10 were chained by their leg in Bangalore because they refused to attend the Madarsa. The case was reported and police arrested their father, Siraj Wahab, and the teacher who forced them to attend Madarsa. The two have been booked under the Juvenile Justice act, and charged for wrongful confinement under the Indian Penal Code.Also Read - IPL 2021 | Tried Best to Create a Culture For Youngsters as Captain, Will Play For RCB Till My Last Day in IPL: Virat Kohli

After the three brothers refused to go to the Madrasa, their father approached the teachers at the Madrasa in Hosur Sarjapur Road Layout. He asked them to speak to the three boys and convince them to study. As a form of punishment, the maulana (teacher) decided to chain the three brothers, hoping that it might scare them into attending the Madrasa. Also Read - Virat Kohli Gives Motivational Talk After Thumping Loss vs KKR, Video Goes Viral | WATCH

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The police received information about the chaining and visited the premises in plain clothes. They spoke to the three boys who told them the incident. The case was registered against Wahab and the teacher responsible for chaining them. The children have apparently undergone mental trauma and were crying even as they related the incident to the police. The Child Welfare Committee has been asked to counsel the three children and help them recover.

A similar incident took place in Yamunanagar, Haryana where a boy was chained in a Madarsa for not finishing his homework. The parent, to his shock, found his  four-year-old son chained and took a video of it, which he later sent to the police.