Just when most Bigg Boss buffs thought that Salman Khan would take Moan Lisa’s name for the latest eviction round, Salman asked Nitibha to pack her bags and walk out of the glass walled house. The move is quite surprising majorly because Nitibha’s equation with Manveer has been going steady. On the other hand, Mona Lisa has not been providing enough dose of entertainment whatsoever. In fact she wanted to leave the house. She has been requesting the same and Manu Punjabi and Manveer have been pleading for Mona’s eviction.

Nitibha’s fans feel that she deserved to stay back in the show. Nitibha and Manveer have been going strong together. It was only during the rein of Manveer’s captaincy that Nitibha spoke too much English. She got an earful from Manveer for doing so. But she maintained that Manveer could have done so in private instead creating a full throttle commotion in front of every contestant. ALSO READ: Bigg Boss 10 14th January Weekend Ka Vaar Live updates: Salman Khan slams Manu Punjabi; equates him with Bani J!

What led to Nitibha’s eviction is questionable. Bigg Boss 10 witnessed some really lovey dovey moments with Nitibha and Manveer showcasing their mush and romantic streak all the time. Sadly Bigg Boss fans will miss those moments.  The ever blossoming romance between the two has somehow metamorphosed into enmity but they were getting back on track. The following task named Solar System task was no different either. We had already seen a massive showdown of sorts between Manveer and Nitibha. The two were at each other’s throat and did not mind screaming their lungs out just to highlight one upmanship in the glass walled house.

For the Solar Task contestants wee walking rhythmically around the axis with a bowl of coloured water in their hands. No one could afford to spill the water and Nitibha failed to stay stead. Manveer lost his temper yet again but was that reason enough to see Nitibha walk out of the house. Do let us know what is your take on the same?