Chennai, June 17: It was supposed to be a day of long rides on their mean machines but some Madras Bikers Club members ended up doing a 3-idiots Tohfa Qubool Karo scene in front of the Chennai police. Their crime? They were caught speeding.

A group of 14 bikers of the Madras Bikers club were caught at 6.30 AM at the entrance of Mahabalipuram town on Sunday last and were detained at the nearest police station for nine hours. Police said the bikers exceeded the speed limit and they even had video footage to back their action. Read: Biker Diaries: Of bikers and pillions who tame metal beasts

The boys, aged 19 to 25, were fined Rs 1,200 each and their high end bikes were kept in the station for one night. But the most harrowing part of the punishment meted out to the youths was when they were told to strip in front of the entire group. None of them expected this and were certainly angry at what they were told to do, but fell short of courage to protest.

The treatment, bordering on harassment, was justified by the police who said that it was mandatory for them to record details of the accused like their name, age, marital status, birthmarks and the colour of their clothes, including the colour of their underwear.

“We have no choice. It is also part of the procedure according to CrPC which asks us to note down the colour of the accused’s clothes,” said Inspector of Mahabalipuram police station as quoted by Times of India.

The incident has also caused outrage amongst the human rights activists in the city who said due law could have been followed without having to make the youngsters strip in front of other people. They believed that the treatment was a clear way to humiliate and frighten the youngsters and to make them feel vulnerable.

Is humiliating youngsters the way to make them follow traffic rules? Mahabalipuram police in Chennai certainly seems to think so.