New Delhi, January 21: We think that the Arvind Kejriwal government and the residents of Delhi might be celebrating the success of the Odd Even Plan too soon. That’s mostly because it’s too early to judge whether the plan will work on a long scale, but also because a lot of money has reportedly gone into making it a ‘success’. The 15 day trial period of the Odd even car scheme cost the government some 20 crore rupees! A lot of this mney was spent to augment the public transport system, by hiring buses.

Around Rs. 14 Crores was spent on hiring the buses to make up for the lack of private vehicles plying on the road on a particular day. Around R. 3.5 Crores was spent to pay the fees of the civil defence volunteers who agreed to man the roads to stop the defaulters and make them pay their fine. Some volunteers were also hired to hand people flowers in order to motivate them to follow the rules. Another Rs. 4 Crores was spent on the advertising alone- Rs. 3 Crores in pre event promotions and Rs. 1 Crore in thanksgiving cards et al, says a report by The Hindustan Times. Also Read: After Delhi, auto rickshaws in Haryana to follow Odd Even formula

Government justified the huge advertising budget by saying that it was necessary to create awareness about the programme and the scheme. A senior government official was quoted as saying by the report, “Initially from print to TV channels to radio and hoardings, huge money was spent to create awareness. We booked space across the city for 15 days and at some places, hoardings were replaced. In total, the awareness drive cost us Rs 3 crore. The thanksgiving advertisement was limited to print and hoardings, so it costs us less. Some amount was spent at the venue, too.”