New Delhi, Oct 20: Delhi’ Tis Hazari court on Tuesday announced its verdict in the Uber cab rape case. The accused Shiv Kumar Yadav was pronounced guilty by the bench. The landmark verdict will adversely impact the reputation of the global radio cab service. All the charges pressed by the prosecution against the Yadav were validated by the judiciary. The quantum of punishment will be released in a separate hearing scheduled on Friday.Also Read - Uber rape case: Recall of witnesses should be judicious, not arbitrary, says Supreme Court

The incident of crime dates back to December, 2014, when a 25-year-old women, employed as a finance executive booked a cab from Uber in midnight. On finding the girl in a weak position, the miscreant took undue advantage and sexually molested her. However, defense advocate of Yadav, showed disappointment over the verdict of the court and alleged the bench of being carried away by the ‘contradicting’ allegations made by the victim. (ALSO READ: Uber rape case in Delhi: Where the rapist is without fear and the victim is conditioned to ‘live with it’) Also Read - Uber continues to be banned in Delhi

“My client has been convicted of all the charges. Unfortunately, the court did not take into account the lack of clarity, discrepancies and contradictions in the claims made by the girl,” said Dharmender Kumar Mishra, the legal advocate of the rape convict. He further added, that they would challenge the verdict in the High Court. Also Read - Taxi driver gives hard-hitting reply to perverted friend (Watch Video)