New Delhi: A delegation of the Congress’s UK representatives met labour party leader Jeremy Corbyn and discussed the Kashmir issue — the human rights situation in Kashmir. The Labour Party had last month passed an emergency motion on Kashmir seeking international observers to intervene in the situation. India strongly condemned the Labour Party’s move.


According to reports, the overseas delegation discussed the abrogation of Article 370, communication blackout, detention of local political leaders etc with the Labour party leader. Corbyn confirmed as he tweeted a photo of his meeting with the Congress delegation and described it as a “very productive meeting”.

“There must be de-escalation and an end to the cycle of violence and fear which has plagued the region for so long,” the UK leader added.

The BJP slammed the Congress for taking up the issue to UK’s Labour Party while the official MEA statement stands against Labour party’s reaction to Article 370 move.

The Congress party on Wednesday decided to boycott the Block Development Council polls in Jammu and Kashmir, over the detention of mainstream political leaders, after the abrogation of Article 370.

The party owes an explanation to the people of India as to why its leaders are meeting foreign leaders, discussing the Kashmir issue. India will give a befitting reply for these shameful shenanigans, the BJP tweeted.

The Congress, however, said that the meeting was not authorised by the party.

Meanwhile, the situation in J&K started easing as the restrictions on tourism were lifted from October 10. Schools and colleges reopened, though the communication blockade is on.