New Delhi: The smuggling of mobile phone in various jails and its recovery has not been something new but in a bizarre recovery, it was found from the stomach of a prisoner lodged in Tihar jail.

An inmate of Jail No. 4 inside the Tihar jail had swallowed a small Chinese-made mobile phone which the doctors had to get it vomited out of his body.

Last week, a prisoner had swallowed four such tiny mobile phones wrapped in plastic. The recovery could be just a tip of the gadget smuggling iceberg inside the Tihar Jail.

Doctors made them vomit out three mobile phones but one phone got stuck in the rectum of the inmate after conducting an ultrasound as he complained of pain. The doctors had to perform surgery to remove the device.

The recoveries have been made in a crackdown launched by the Tihar authorities on communication gadgets smuggled into the jail.

Sandeep Goyal, the newly appointed Director-General of Delhi Prisons, emphasized that dismantling the syndicate of gangs that supply mobile phones to jail inmates is his priority.

Earlier on August 16, a highly sophisticated, sleek cellphone was found in the jail’s Vipashyana (meditation) ward, which at present houses some high-profile prisoners.

The rather expensive gadget was found plugged into the TV port for charging when a special search team raided the ward around 3 p.m. The jail staff was changing duties, the inmates were resting in their barracks then.

(With IANS Inputs)