New Delhi: In what could bring a brief respite from the smoggy weather of Delhi-NCR, the capital received light rainfall on Saturday evening. Though immediately the rains led to more smogginess and low visibility, the air quality index is expected to get better on Sunday morning.

The IMD has earlier said that the national capital may receive rainfall after November 6 owing to the increase in the wind speed in the region.

“Presently, there is the negligible wind in Delhi. There is a possibility of an increase in wind speed from today. Wind direction will change after November 6 and rainfall may also occur,” said IMD official KV Singh, as quoted by ANI.

Meanwhile, the politics of passing-the-buck is on as deputy CM Manish Sisodia blamed the Centre for not doing enough to stop stubble burning in Punjab and Haryana. “Centre has made 63,000 machines (to curb stubble burning) available in two years. How will help 26 lakh farmers? With this speed, is it a programme for 50-60 years? If it is so, what should people of Delhi-NCR do for the next 50-60 years?” Sisodia said.

Blaming the Centre for its lackadaisical approach to combat pollution, Sisodia said, “Prakash Javadekar has postponed three meetings of environment ministers of North Indian states that were scheduled and then those meetings were never held. Either he does not have time or the problem of pollution is not his priority.”

Environment Minister Prakash Javadekar on Saturday slammed Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal for politicising the issue of air pollution in Delhi and indulging in the blame game.

Javadekar further said that it’s unfortunate that the CM is resorting to blame-game instead of finding solutions to the pollution menace. He also taunted Kejriwal by saying that instead of spending Rs 1500 crore on advertisements, the CM should give it away to the farmers of Punjab and Haryana.