New Delhi: With the healthcare system of the national capital struggling to keep up with growing COVID-19 cases, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Saturday wrote to his counterparts in all the other states and union territories requesting for oxygen supply.Also Read - 'Take Patients Wherever O2 is Available,' Delhi Doctor Breaks Down Over Oxygen Crisis In Batra Hospital

Arvind Kejriwal said he requested other CMs to send spare oxygen to Delhi. Acknowledging the help being provided by the Centre, Kejriwal said all available resources are proving to be inadequate right now as the COVID situation is that severe. Also Read - Amid Row Over Televised Appeal For Oxygen, Kejriwal Apologises After PM Modi Asks Him To Follow Protocol

“I am writing to all CMs requesting them to provide oxygen to Delhi, if they have spare. Though the central government is also helping us, the severity of corona is such that all available resources are proving inadequate,” Arvind Kejriwal tweeted. Also Read - Ensure Oxygen Tankers Not Stopped: PM Modi Tells CMs After Kejriwal Blames Some States For Hampering Movement of 02

Kejriwal’s request for supply of oxygen came following the death of 20 patients in Jaipur Golden Hospital here as Delhi’s desperate hunt for the life-saving gas continued amid rising COVID-19 cases.

The deaths at Jaipur Golden took place when the hospital was waiting for oxygen to be replenished, officials said on Saturday.

Some helpless hospitals in Delhi are advising families of patients to shift them to other facilities, while several others have been left with no option but to use their backup stock.

Meanwhile, the Delhi High Court asked the Centre and the Delhi government to coordinate on the issue of making available medical oxygen to hospitals treating COVID-19 patients, observing that citizens cannot be left to die.

The court made it clear that the efforts which Delhi government has to make in this regard cannot be trivialised and they should not leave it entirely to the central government.