New Delhi: In a fresh incident revealing how New Delhi has become a safe haven of street crimes, a judge on Friday was chased by a gang of snatchers who smashed the window of her car and fled with her bag, wallet and important documents, as she was driving home from work. The incident, as reported by TOI, took place at a signal near Okhla Industrial Area.

According to reports, two bike-borne men were following her for a few kilometres and they even asked her to stop pointing to her car tyre. As she ignored, the men sped up and broke the car window to steal her wallet.

Such gangs who knock on the closed windows of cars and point at something wrong at the car only to rob the driver or the passengers are known as Thak Thak gang, which have been operating in the city for quite some time. Initially, they used to prey on parked cars. But as evident for the number of incidents, they are targetting running cars as well.

The incident comes close on the heels of the recent one in which a journalist sitting inside an auto-rickshaw was attacked by bike-borne snatchers and was left severely wounded.

In another incident, a man armed with two pistols opened fire on a 54-year-old man in northeast Delhi’s Brahmpuri.

Former deputy commissioner of Delhi Police, LN Rao, has expressed his surprise over this alarmingly increasing rate of crime. As quoted by the Hindustan Times, he said, “Delhi was never unsafe like this. There is snatching everywhere. The police must activate their intelligence network and start monitoring the active and known criminals. Instead of focusing just on solving, we should be able to prevent these cases. It can be done. If the local criminal is making money, the intelligence should be such that the police know about the criminal’s activities. Snatchers have a network. It can be broken. It just needs more work, hard work.”