New Delhi, Mar 23: A 13-year old boy fell from his relative’s balcony when he was hurling water balloons at passers-by. The horrific accident, which was captured in CCTV camera, took place in north-west Delhi’s Rani Bagh on Saturday afternoon. The boy, who sustained injuries in his head, neck and spine, has been admitted to the intensive care unit of a private hospital. However he is out of danger now.

The tragedy came to light on Wednesday when a seven-second CCTV footage went viral on social media. In the video, the boy, Aarthav Jindal is seen falling from a balcony while throwing water balloons. The video is very frightening. Aarthav climbed atop the balcony railing to throw water balloons. He loses the balance and falls off the balcony on the road below hitting his head against the pavement. (ALSO WATCH: SpiceJet crew dances to celebrate Holi with on-board passengers)

“Within a couple of hours, we identified the hospital where the child was undergoing treatment. We approached the boy’s family and gathered the details of the incident. The family did not suspect any foul play,” a police officer was quoted as saying. Police said that it was an accident and no foul play was involved. Hence no case has been registered.

Watch the video of the teen falling from balcony below: