New Delhi: After a brief respite, Delhi is once again witnessing soaring temperatures. The India Meteorological Department (IMD) has issued a orange alert and said that a “severe heatwave” would take hold of the city on Saturday. However, the silver lining is: Cloudy skies and thunder may provide some relief from the intense heat next week.Also Read - Rain, Thunderstorm in Parts of Delhi-NCR Bring Much-Needed Respite From Scorching Heat | Videos

Safdarjung Observatory, Delhi’s base station, is expected to record a maximum temperature of 44°C against Friday’s 42.5°C. On Friday, Najafgarh in Delhi recorded a maximum temperature of 46.1°C. Also Read - Breaking News Highlights | Passenger Train Services Between India-Bangladesh To Resume From May 29

Yesterday, Jafarpur Kalan in south-west Delhi recorded the second-highest temperature at 45.6°C, followed by Mungeshpur at 45.4°C and Pitampura at 44.7°C, with all four weather stations recording heatwave conditions. Also Read - Gyanvapi Masjid Row Highlights: SC Says Shivling Area to be Protected, to Hear Matter Again on May 19

More Alerts by IMD

The Met agency has issued a ‘yellow alert’ to caution people about another heatwave on Sunday.

The IMD uses four colour codes for weather warnings – green (no action needed), yellow (watch and stay updated), orange (be prepared) and red (take action). The mercury is predicted to touch the 45-degree mark at the Safdarjung Observatory on Sunday. Temperatures may leap to 46-47 degrees Celsius at isolated places, weather experts said.

Delhi had witnessed a hot and dry March, gauging nil rainfall against the normal of 15.9 mm. It got 0.3 mm of rainfall in April against a monthly average of 12.2 mm. A heatwave at the month-end had sent the mercury soaring to 46 and 47 degrees Celsius in several parts of Delhi.

At least 29 cities across Rajasthan, Haryana, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra reported temperatures in excess of 44 degrees Celsius on Thursday. Many parts of north India experienced scorching summers with maximum temperatures touching 48 degrees Celsius in Barmer in Rajasthan.

What should you do to protect yourself during the heatwave?

  1. Avoid going outdoors and stay in shaded places.
  2. When outside, try using a cap, umbrella, hat or carry a towel.
  3. Wear light coloured garments and thin loose cotton.
  4. Frequently drink water, salted drinks like lassi, lemon water, ORS, and fruit juices.
  5. Try eating fruits like cucumber, watermelon, lemon, orange etc.
  6. Shower frequently and try reducing the room temperature via fans, coolers, air-conditioning and also use indoor plants.
  7. In case a person feels unwell, like children, pregnant women, the elderly and those with pre-existing medical conditions, they should be shifted to a cooler place and sponged with cold water or transported to the nearest health facility.

Since March began, there have been at least 26 heatwave days and as many as four spells of heatwaves in a month and a half, while the last of these heat waves remain ongoing.