New Delhi: With an aim to help the needy while also improve its ranking in the Swachh survey, the South Delhi Municipal Corporation on Thursday opened a ‘shoe bank’, which it claimed was the first such initiative in Delhi. The shoe bank was inaugurated in West Zone’s Subhash Nagar area of the SDMC, the civic body said.Also Read - Delhi Reduces Number of Dry Days to Just 3, Down From 21 Earlier in The Whole Year. Details Here

“The shoe bank along with a toy bank and ‘Plastic Lao-Khad Le Jao’ amenities, has been opened at a site that was earlier a ‘dhalao’,” the SDMC said in a statement, adding that it was “Delhi’s first shoe bank”. Also Read - IMD Predicts Cold Day, Cold Wave Conditions For THESE States Over Next 5 Days. Full Forecast Here

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The SDMC has urged residents to donate old or new toys, shoes for children and the elderly, school bags for the needy.

“Generally, residents throw old toys, school bags and shoes in the garbage, so instead we are asking them to donate to the bank, which will then be used to give it to the needy people,” an SDMC official said.

The main objectives behind this initiative is multi-fold, whereas on one hand, citizens can contribute old, discarded toys or shoes for a worthy cause as they can be reused by needy people, but the idea also is to encourage ‘Swachh’ practices by reducing and reusing. This initiative will help the needy schoolchildren and other people who remain barefoot during summers and winters, the SDMC said in a statement.

Earlier, the SDMC had taken a similar initiative, as per which several toy banks are being opened in south Delhi.

During the ongoing Swachh Survekshan 2021, the South Delhi Municipal Corporation is rigorously promoting the Rs 3 (reduce, reuse, recycle) by taking various environment-friendly initiatives like ‘Neki Ki Diwar’, ‘Garbage Cafe’, ‘Geela Kuda Lao-Khad Ley Jao’, ‘Plastic Lao Plant Le Jao’, single-use plastic-free zones, toy banks, compositing from wet segregated waste, it said.

The SDMC said this initiative will be expanded to other locations and will help achieve high ranking in Swachh Survekshan 2021.

(With inputs from PTI)