New Delhi, July 25: Theirs was a love marriage and their family would have looked like any normal happy family to any outsider. But the horrors that 28 year old Jyoshna went through at the hands of her beloved husband, were not known to anyone but her. After many years of suffering in silence however, she had had enough and she decided to teach her husband a lesson. But probably she had also never imagined that she would end up killing him and becoming a murderess herself. But there was no going back.

A shocking incident has come to light where a woman, who worked as a domestic help, murdered her husband who she alleged tortured her by physically assaulting her and even forcing her to drink his urine! The woman Jyoshna alleged that her husband Ramesh Nand (36) would beat her up with sticks and tongs and she committed the crime out of a desire to teach him a lesson and get back at him for harassing her. One night, when Ramesh came home drunk, Jyoshna strangled him with her dupatta and fled the house with her 4 year old son. Also Read: Shocking! ‘Possessed’ 40 year old woman confined, starved and tortured for one year by husband, in-laws

The incident happened on Thursday night in South Delhi’s Neb Sarai area and came to light when Ramesh Nand’s body was discovered by his brother, who came to visit them. “He immediately informed the police, who found a chunni wrapped around his neck,” a police officer told Indian Express. The body was sent for an autopsy. Also Read: Shocking! Delhi woman forces auto rickshaw driver to have sex, arrested

Jyoshna, who had fled the scene and had hence been absconding automatically became the prime suspect in the case. “After questioning relatives, the police arrested Jyoshna from Nizamuddin railway station on Friday morning. She told the police that theirs was a love marriage and they have two sons — one a 7-year-old and the other only 4. While the elder son lived with them, the younger one lives with a relative,” the officer said in a statement to Indian Express.