New Delhi: Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman sent a Whatsapp message to Amazon founder Jeff Bezos sometime in 2018. At that time, they were engaged in friendly exchanges. So, the WhatsApp exchange should not come as anything surprising unless it was what led to the murder of Jamal Khashoggi, at least that is what a Guardian investigative report has claimed.

So what’s the connection? Jeff also owns Washington Post and his phone was reportedly hacked months before Washington Post journalist Jamal was hacked to death at the Saudi consulate in Turkey in October 2018.


According to the report, a large amount of date got stolen from Bezo’s phone within hours. Whether it has any links to Khashoggi’s murder is being looked into. The Saudi embassy, on the other hand, said that these claims are absurd. “We call for an investigation on these claims so that we can have all the facts out,” it tweeted.