Former India allrounder and hero of India’s 2007 World T20 Championship and 2011 World Cup, Yuvraj Singh, who retired from international cricket earlier this year, on Saturday said that he is currently enjoying his post-retirement life.

Yuvraj is currently plying his trade in the Abu Dhabi T10 League recently played in the Global T20 League in Canada said that playing two or three formats a year is actually great for me.

“I am loving this phase of my career. I really enjoyed playing in Canada. Unfortunately, I could not go to CPL because of its schedule. But playing two or three formats a year is actually great for me. I have my retired life. I get to work on things which I want to after my retirement. When I miss cricket, I have these two or three tournaments to play,” said Yuvraj.

“I am at that age where I don’t wish to be really playing throughout the year. I want to spend time with my family, enjoy my life because it’s been a roller coaster ride for 17 years. So, I want to be as relaxed as possible,” added Yuvraj.

Yuvraj, who is playing for Maratha Arabians in the Abu Dhabi T10 League, did not enjoy a good start on debut in the T10 league against Northern Warriors.

Talking about his T10 debut, Yuvraj said: “Actually, it went really fast. I just felt that there’s no time to think whether to block or go for the big hits. But I guess that’s the nature of T10.”

“I hope we get used to it quickly because we don’t have too many games to qualify. It’s a short tournament,” he said.

Discussing his first experience with the T10 format, Yuvraj said, “In T20s, for me as a No. 4 batsman I try to take eight to ten balls to get going. But in T10, you don’t have that much liberty. If you play three or four dot balls, you have to take a run or hit a boundary. So, batsman go under pressure very quickly. So, you have to be a little smarter in terms of picking the bowlers you are going to hit.”

Accrording to Yuvraj, players, who are innovative and can use the pace of the bowlers and are smart, will enjoy more success in the T10 format. Yuvraj, though, made it clear that T10 will not make an impact like T20 did.

“T10 is a very exciting format. But I am not sure that players get that much time to get set and play their innings.”

“I don’t see the T10 making the same impact as T20 format did on the game. The new 100 ball format will be an exciting one because it’s not T10, it’s not T20, it’s about 100 balls. The Hundred can be close to a revolution like T20,” concluded Yuvraj.