New Delhi: The Indo-Tibetan Border Police reported equipment and bodies that were discovered in open or partially buried snow through an aerial view picture via helicopter near an unclimbed peak en route to Nanda Devi East on Monday.

The update came a week after eight climbers who were heading towards Nanda Devi East at around 20,000 ft in the Himalayas went missing as a suspected avalanche hit them whilst climbing the peak in Uttarakhand.

The climbers included one Indian, one Australian, four British and two Americans.

While four other climbers who were also part of the group had been airlifted and rescued from the peak, the search for the eight still continues.

The group had begun climbing on May 13, but the four rescued were forced to return to the base camp after the weather turned turbulent. The alert for the remaining went off first on May 31 owing to their failure to return to the base camp.

Nanda Devi is the second tallest peak in the world and it is known to be one of the roughest peaks for climbers. Recently, 11 lives were lost while climbing the neighboring peak Everest in Nepal.

Permission for climbing the Himalayan peaks like Everest and Nanda Devi has been a matter of ongoing debate and discussion as the peaks require trekkers to be extremely fit and immensely trained to climb.