PUBG Mobile India: As India is not granting permission for the launch of the game in country, fans are interested about every tiny bit of news on PUBG Mobile. PUBG’s parent company krafton is also taking various pro-India steps to make sure that PUBG Mobile comes back to India. The company had recently appointed a new country manager for India just two days ago. Now, if reports are to be believed, more people have been added to the team. Also Read - PUBG Mobile 2 Likely to be Released Next Week| Check Its Latest Features Here

Aneesh Aravind was appointed as the country manager for the PUBG Mobile India. The new people recruited in the team include Akash Jumde who will work as the Visual Content Designer, Piyush Agarwal as the Finance Manager, Arpita Priyadarshini is the Senior Community Manager and Karan Pathak is appointed as the Senior Esports Manager, a report by Insidesport said. Also Read - PUBG Mobile 1.3 Version Beta Update Available For Global Users | Here’s How to Download APK Link

The report added that the newly recruited people were earlier a part of Tencent. Also Read - PUBG Mobile Lite 0.20.1 Now Available For Global Users: Here’s How to Get APK Download Link

The India government last week declared that ‘“MEITY has not given any permission for launch of PUBG”. The RTI query was filed on November 30, reported Insidesport.

However, PUBG has a huge fan base in India. And the PUBG Mobile Global version 1.2 beta APK link is available for download for Android users in India.

The PUBG Mobile India game launch date is yet to be announced. However, a report had earlier stated that it won’t be released anytime soon. The makers of the game are working on releasing PUBG Mobile India with some unique features. The user interface and look is expected to be different from the game’s global version. It is being said that characters in PUBG Mobile India will be fully clothed.