New Delhi: Addressing the United Nations assembly at an event — Leadership Matters: Relevance of Gandhi in Temporary Times — organised by the Indian mission to commemorate 150th anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi, Prime Minister Narendra Modi spoke on Mahatma’s life, vision and his contributions to modern India.

“Gandhiji was an Indian, but he did not just belong to India. Whether it was the ideas propagated by Martin Luther King Junior or Nelson Mandela, they, however, were based on Mahatma Gandhi’s vision,” he said.


“Gandhiji never tried to create influence through his life but it became a source of inspiration. We are living in the era of ‘how to impress’ but Gandhiji’s vision was ‘how to inspire’,” he added.

Explaining the real power of democracy that Gandhiji used to believe in, the PM said that today, the definition of democracy has become limited in meaning that the people should choose the government of their choice and the government should work according to the expectations of the people. But Mahatma Gandhi showed the direction in which people should not depend on governance and become self-reliant.


“Whether it is climate change or terrorism, corruption or selfish social life, these principles of Gandhiji act as a guide to protect humanity. I am confident that Gandhiji showed this way to build a better world. I will prove to be inspiring,” PM Modi said.