New Delhi: Music has healing powers, but this claim is quite literal as a video that went viral has shown a doctor singing songs while drawing blood from a toddler, who is looking at the doctor in utter amusement. The mother was speechless. She recorded the video and posted it on facebook saying, “This is something so special! My daughter is usually distraught getting bloods done (sic). She has had them done a huge amount of time but never has had a reaction quite like this, not one tear. I have never met a doctor quite like this one, absolutely amazing. He had a smile on everyone’s face. An example of job being more than a pay check at the end of month. He had made our day,” the mother said.

According to reports, the baby has Down’s Syndrome and has to visit the hospital quite often. But this time, it was different with Scottish doctor identified as Dr Ryan Coetzee.

The video is oozing out warmth. The interaction between the kid and the young doctor doesn’t seem like a procedure to distract the kid to get the job done. It was a playful moment where the doctor struck the right chord — quite literally.

The kid is lying on her back with a baby soother into her mouth and a soft toy lying beside. She was fidgeting a little bit and was looking here and there. But the moment the doctor starts singing, she looks at him with rapt attention and amusement while the doctor, who seems to be thoroughly enjoying the little moment, draws blood.