New Delhi: The Union Ministry of Health and Family Welfare has asked states to prepare a detailed plan for decentralising and distributing coronavirus vaccines for when it is made available to the public. Officials said on Thursday that the Centre has asked states to set up teams at the block level and decide on who gets the first vaccinations. The directive comes after Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s advice on the same to ease out the vaccine distribution process across the country.Also Read - India Reports First Case Of Omicron Subvariant BA.4 in Hyderabad

The Health Ministry, in a written letter to all states, asked the respective authorities to form Block Task Force (BTF), to be chaired by a sub-divisional magistrate and convened by Block MO I/C, and include the representation of government departments, development partners, NGOs, local influencers and religious leaders. Also Read - Covid or no COVID, Work From Home Policy Stays on Table For Several Companies | Full List

The Health Ministry has also asked states to work on a cold chain plan and ready a healthcare infrastructure for any eventuality of a medical emergency after inoculation. Also Read - Apple Postpones Plans Return to Office After Rise in Covid-19 Cases

Experts have said that flu shots for children and routine adult immunizations are a must to avoid any illnesses and further complications before the COVID-19 vaccine is out for distribution.

Vaccines are the most effective healthcare procedures. It is especially suitable for those who have a sensitive immune system, and are prone to falling ill every now and then. Moreover, the pandemic also suggests the urgent need for immunization of people of every age group. Medical experts fear it would be a matter of concern if the illnesses pop at a rapid rate.

“This is usually the time of the year when several children and adults come down with illnesses like dengue, malaria, typhoid, the flu, or viral fever. Children, elders, and pregnant women are vulnerable to seasonal infections. Everyone must get themselves vaccinated every year, against flu infections and seasonal diseases. Don’t lower your guard even for a few minutes. Wear a mask, sanitize your hands often, and keep social distancing,” Dr. Ajay Gangoli, Medical Director Apollo Health, and Lifestyle Limited told IANS.

The impact and effect of the vaccine will differ moderately from person to person, he noted.

Besides, 60.50 per cent of 524 case fatalities reported in last 24 hours are concentrated Delhi, Maharashtra, West Bengal, Haryana, Punjab and Uttar Pradesh. All of these states are common among the top 6 states contributing the maximum to new cases as well as daily deaths.

On a national front, while India’s fight against the coronavirus pandemic is progressing towards the end, certain states – Delhi being on top – have reported a sudden surge in the past month amid festivities. This has increased fears that the global pandemic may turn into an epidemic for India.