New Delhi:’s election website has been conferred the Gold Award for its election coverage in the category of ‘Best Content in a News Blog/Website’ in the ICL 2019-India Content Leadership Awards and Conference. The award ceremony was held on Friday at the Eros Hotel in New Delhi.

Ahead of the general elections, held earlier this year, the team set up an election page for all election-related news, views, analyses etc. Instead of using words like ‘election’, ‘vote share’, ‘seat share’ etc., which can be too technical for some people to understand, came up with several innovative features to make its election coverage interesting and interactive for its readers. Wins Gold Award For Election Coverage in The Category of Best Content in a News Blog/Website – Watch Video

For instance, not just this election, but data from all the previous elections were presented in an easy-to-navigate way. Also, all data presented on the website was verified with that of the Election Commission of India (ECI). One of the most interesting features of the election website was the ‘Poll Tracker’ which took the readers on a virtual campaign tour in just a few clicks. This feature presented a concise wrap-up of which leader campaigned where, what he/she said etc., thus ensuring that nothing was lost in the crowd of election information.

Here’s What Made Election Coverage The Best

A funny IQ test, called ‘Hangman’, to test the general knowledge of the readers’ on politics, too, were important features on the election website. The infographics and video sections, two other sections of the website, also played an important role in helping readers easily understand poll issues. is one of the leading news and information websites from the Zee Group. It keeps its readers informed on the latest national, international developments in politics, education, infotainment and policies.