New Delhi: Addressing the 74th session of the UNGA, Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan on Friday raised the Kashmir issue at the global forum and said India must lift the curfew in Kashmir which has been imposed for the last 53 days.

“India must lift the curfew imposed in Kashmir for the last 53 days and release all the political detainees, especially 30,000 youth who have been picked by the occupying forces,” Khan said.

Giving a strong warning to the world community of the serious consequences of a war between two nuclear-armed countries, Khan said if a conventional war starts between the two countries anything could happen. “A country seven times smaller in size has only two choices; either to surrender or fight till death,” he added.

Highlighting that ‘Islamophobia’ is another major issue that is impacting the Muslims worldwide, Imran Khan said terms like Islamic radicalism, Islamic terrorism are used by some leaders without realization, which is a contributing factor in the spread of hatred against Muslims.

The Pakistan PM said that there is a lack of seriousness and perhaps world leaders do not realize the urgency of the situation. “If this keeps going and nothing is done, humans will face a huge catastrophe,” he added.

He said that the United Nations has a responsibility to stop India from gross human rights violations in Kashmir and give Kashmiris right to self-determination.

While addressing the UNGA, Prime Minister Narendra Modi spoke about 17 minutes, well within the allotted time, but Pakistan PM Imran Khan exceeded the time limit and went on to speak for more than half-an-hour with the red light constantly blinking at the venue.

Apart from raising the Kashmir issue, Imran Khan also spoke about issues such as money laundering, climate change and Islamophobia. The cash-strapped nation has been raising the Kashmir issue at the global forum ever since India has revoked Article 370 that gave special status to Jammu and Kashmir.

As part of reaction post abrogation of Article 370, Pakistan has downgraded diplomatic relation, diplomatic trade, halted Thar and Samjhauta Express along with banning Indian films in Pakistan theatres.