New Delhi: Accused of financial irregularities and misuse of government funds, the Central government on Sunday recalled its ambassador to Austria. Renu Pall, who was the ambassador to Austria, had rented an apartment for herself for Rs 15 lakh per month.

Renu Pall, an Indian Foreign Service officer of 1988 batch, was about to complete her tenure in Austria in January .

She was caught for spending ‘beyond permission’ during an investigation ordered by the Central Vigilance Commission (CVC) and conducted by the Ministry of External Affairs. As per the probe, she had incurred huge expenditure to the tune of crores of rupees on the government residence without the permission of the ministry.

Official sources told news agency IANS that she had been fraudulently claiming the VAT refunds and misrepresenting facts in various permissions granted by the Indian government.

The whole episode came to limelight when a team, headed by the chief vigilance officer of the ministry, visited Vienna in September to conduct the probe and found the financial irregularities, misappropriation of funds and breach of conduct rules.

After the probe was completed and found the facts true, the MEA transferred her to headquarters on December 9 and also restrained her from exercising any administrative or financial powers of an Ambassador.