New Delhi, May 30: The government finally explained the much-talked-about 1 paisa drop in the fuel prices on Wednesday. Petroleum Minister Dharmendra Pradhan told ANI, “Since we moved to the mechanism of daily price change, prices have gone up & down by 1 paisa, 12 paise, 27 paise etc; it is not for the first time that there has been a change of 1 paisa. However, today one of your employees made a mistake & we accept it.” (Also Read: Rahul Gandhi Mocks PM Narendra Modi Over 1 Paisa Cut in Fuel Prices)

Pradhan also welcomed Kerala government’s move of cutting the fuel price by Re 1. “I welcome it. One must also note that Kerala is one of the highest tax collecting states and when we appealed (for fuel price cut), their Finance Minister gave negative statement, but now they took responsibility, I thank them for it…They did good by reducing the price. All states, whether governed by the BJP or Opposition, should try to reduce fuel prices but each state has different priorities & responsibilities,” he said, as reported by ANI. Kerala brought down the fuel price by Re 1 today itself.

Pradhan’s words came after the government faced flak the entire day from the Opposition over the minuscule cut. Congress chief Rahul Gandhi shot back, asking if this was the government’s idea of a prank and saying it was in a bad taste. The fuel prices had been shooting up for over a fortnight, with the public hoping from some respite. The Opposition parties and farmers have threatened of protest if the government does not cut the excise duty or bring the petroleum products under the GST. While there were speculations that Wednesday would probably see a significant drop in the prices, the 1 paisa cut came as a shock.