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It’s not really just a day to celebrate your relationship, because honestly, every single day is an effort to do that (you know, to stay sane and happy!) In all seriousness, the “holiday” has been marketed so well that you’re all but compelled to do something great for your partner. In the midst of all this, you forget one really important thing: YOU! Also Read - Taunted by Girlfriend for Not Having a Bike, Delhi Youth Goes on a Bike-Stealing Spree

Bollywood supplements this with its unrequited love sagas and the equally syrupy songs to go with it (we have the perfect playlist of those, by the way).

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Luckily for us, Bollywood also doles out beautiful songs that celebrate individuality and freedom. We’ve got a playlist of those too. Call it whatever you like: the ultimate feel-good list, the motivational and dreamy songs, the instantly happy playlist!  The goal of these songs is to make you cheerful, to tell you not to take life too seriously and to make your heart expand. These songs celebrate you, so here it goes!

1. “Ilahi” from “Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani” (2013)

We are totally jealous of Ranbir Kapoor, who got to stroll the streets of Paris for perfect visuals to go along with this song. Something about its music and lyrics can make anyone sit up and smile. Naturally, it also nudges the wanderlust in you. And the most important part of this song? The message it sends: live fully now!

2. “Patakha Guddi” from “Highway” (2014) 

I don’t know if it’s the impression the video of this song left on viewers—you know, Alia Bhatt prancing around without a care in the world—or if it’s just the simple words that remind us that a higher power is taking care of us. Either way, this song is incredibly empowering!

3. “Sooraj Ki Baahon Mein” from “Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara” (2011)

This whole movie is literally a lesson on celebrating life, individuality, friendships, love and freedom! But it packs a lasting punch with this final song because it really does make you want to get up and dance under the sun!

4. “Life is Crazy” from “Wake up Sid” (2009)

The title is pretty self-explanatory, as is the rest of this lovely song: life is colorful, full of ups and downs and hope.

5. “Yun Hi Chala Chal Rahi” from “Swades” (2004)

If there was ever a Bollywood song that encourages you to continue on your wonderful journey, whatever it may be, it’s this one. Super bonus: the fantastic Shah Rukh Khan + Makrand Deshpande pairing, of course.

6. “Aaj Main Upar” from “Khamoshi’ (1996)

“I am above heavens, the rest of the world is behind me.” I mean, with a song that translates to this, how could it not be on this playlist?

“Khamoshi” already showcases some fine acting skills by both Manisha Koirala and Nana Patekar—and this song is like a cherry on top. (Pro tip: pull a Koirala and dance around in your house singing this, while pretending to hold a mic, for full effect.)

7. “Paathshala” from “Rang De Basanti” (2006)

This song is relatable to everyone on all levels—from those who have at some point gotten frustrated at their school system to those who want to give it all up (like the gang here) to study in the school of life.

 8. Title Song from “Rock On” (2008)

Farhan Akhtar’s debut brought with it India’s first movie that made a fantastic mix of rock Hindi songs—especially the title track of the movie, which quite musically tells you to rock on. We know, we can’t wait for the sequel either!

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Honorary mention: The song “Sinbad the Sailor” from the same movie is an excellent personification of the fictional character.

9. “Hai Junoon” from “New York” (2009)

Before the movie took a dark turn, the three leads—John Abraham, Katrina Kaif, and Neil Nitin Mukesh—are seen living life to its fullest against the backdrop of this song. K.K.’s powerful voice sends the message across: there’s a fire in your heart and the will to live, so do it before life passes you by!

Pro tip: for a more upbeat version, there’s an excellent remix of this song too!

10. “Hadippa” from “Dil Bole… Hadippa!” (2009)

Aside from the stunning dance moves by Rani Mukherjee and Shahid Kapoor in this song (feel free to copy and enjoy!), the literal meaning of the song is also the same: let loose and bol hadippa.

11. “Aazadiyan” from “Udaan” (2010)

This is a stunning movie overall, and this song is exceptional. Not only because of its soothing tunes and inspiring lyrics but because of the emotions it evokes. It tells you to be free because guess what, you’re the only one stopping yourself.

12. Title Song from “Dil Dhadakne Do” (2015)

Priyanka Chopra and Farhan Akhtar croon to this song in a super cool video, along with co-stars Ranvir Singh and Anushka Sharma—and that’s not even the most fun part. The lyrics encourage you to not care about “log kya kahenge” and pursue all your dreams.

13. “Atrangi Yaari” from “Wazir” (2016)

Amitabh Bachchan and Farhan Akhtar are singing this—together! We rest our case.