On one hand, while we are trying to clean our country, promote sexual awareness among kids, reaching the South pole of the moon and establish a better economy, we are somewhere failing to make our country a safer place to live in. We are still far behind in curbing sexual misconduct and increasing incidents of rape in the country. In the latest incident, a 17-year-old boy from Rajasthan was raped in a public toilet and he took to social media to explain the entire ordeal. He made many tweets to express the disgust he was feeling and sought help.

The boy revealed that he wanted to use the public bathroom while crossing a road and when he went inside, two men who covered their faces with a black mask, entered and raped him. What is more heartbreaking is to realise that while he kept shouting and asking for help, no one came out in his support and people behaved as if nothing happened.

The boy mentioned that he was under extreme pain and didn’t know what to do so he ran back home and kept his ordeal to himself. In his tweets further, he revealed that he didn’t want to share the incident with his parents because they wouldn’t understand it.

Many people on Twitter extended help to the boy and later, he made a post revealing that he got the doctor’s help and some people also took care of his medicines.

More strength to this boy and more power to the people who have come forward in helping him!