New Delhi: Anticipating the BJP’s move on population control, the Congress has also jumped into the debate, as the Congress Working Committee member Jitin Prasada has said that for all-round development of the country population control is needed.

“The population of the country is soaring, resources are shrinking, and with population explosion, there is bound to be problems,” Prasada told IANS.

Asked if population control should be voluntary or forced, he said that it should be voluntary.

Jitin Prasada rejected the suggestion that the issue of population control is a BJP issue, saying that population control issue is a “Congress brainchild”.

He added that “It is not an issue of playing politics but a national issue. The party has mentioned it in the Panchmarhi session in 1998. It was the time when Sonia Gandhi had taken over as party president.”

BJP is playing around this plank the most. The Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has mentioned it forcibly on completion of 2.5 years of his government.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi raised the issue for the first time during his Independence Day address, giving it more urgency.

The BJP is initiating a public debate on the issue of population control. The Party thinks it could be a big-ticket poll plank in the future.