Chennai: Two people died and four were injured after an explosion in the Gangai Amman temple on Sunday evening in Manamathi village in Tiruporur, Kanchipuram. The explosion occurred when during the desilting of the temple pond, an unidentified object was found which suddenly blew up.

Information from Kanchipuram SP office revealed that the bomb squad was trying to ascertain the kind of explosive device had gone off though initial reports had suggested that it was the kind used by the Army.

“A tank near the temple in Manampathi was being desilted. From there, the workers recovered an unidentified object. When they tried to open it, it exploded, killing two and injuring four others,” a police official was quoted as having said to IANS.

He discounted any connection between the current terror alert in the state, following inputs on terrorists entering it, and this blast that happened near a local temple. “We were initially shocked when we heard about the blast. But on coming here, it was clear this is a different kind of blast,” the police official added.

Forensic teams were working on the case. The injured were admitted to a government hospital.

In May this year, a woman died in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, after an explosion in her mouth during treatment. The woman was taken to the JN Medical college after she allegedly consumed poison.

As soon as the doctors began treatment and put the suction pipe in the mouth, an explosion took place which was recorded in the CCTV cameras. A team of doctors said that the woman, in all probability, had consumed sulphuric acid which after coming in contact with oxygen through the suction pipe exploded.