rapist cctv footage

Rape is one of the most common atrocities in India but the most heinous one. While there have been cases which have brought out cries for help and angry outbursts, rape cases continue to rise and become even more atrocious. In a recent case, a woman who had just delivered a baby was allegedly raped in an intensive care unit (ICU) at a hospital in Gurgaon, Haryana.

This disgusting and shameful incident occurred in the Brahm Shakti Sanjeevani Hospital in Gurgaon. The 23-year-old victim had just delivered a baby through C-section and was kept under observation. The alleged rapist entered the hospital premises at the early hours of 3.30 am and assaulted the victim when the other patients were asleep.

The culprit was spotted leaving the hospital with ease, as seen in the closed circuit television or CCTV footage. The Haryana police are looking for him. Watch the video here!

This crime only shows the current state of our country, where a woman is not safe even in the ICU section of a hospital! And that too, hours after undergoing a painful delivery and becoming a mother! (ALSO SEE: Aamir Khan speaks about rape survivors and their difficulties)

While the reason behind this heart-wrenching crime is not clear, the long-standing victim accusers might for once find it difficult to blame the victim in this case! We surely hope that the culprit is caught and rightly punished, and also that our country turns intolerant to the increasing rates of these crimes rather than stupid debates! (Edited by Shweta Parande)