New Delhi, June 17: According to fresh alerts issued by Intelligence Bureau, ports across Bay of Bengal and Arabian Sea are facing the threat of being targeted by terrorists. The warnings given by Intelligence claim that the terror lords across the border are planning a ’26/11 style’ assault on India. It has recommended the government to enhance naval security near the ports.
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Sources near to India Today have confirmed that Intelligence Bureau has issued the alert to the government. A similar warning was issued by the Intelligence department at the onset of new year, when cross border militants were expected to enter through the seaside of Gujarat. (ALSO READ: Indian Counter Terrorism Wing officers were in Pakistan when terrorists struck Mumbai on 26/11: Ex-MHA officer) Also Read - 'Proud of You': Pakistan ATC Lauds Air India For COVID-19 Relief Flights

The last cross border terror strike on Indian soil was reported in January, when militants of Pakistan-based Jaish-e-Muhammad infiltrated through the Punjab border with Pakistan, and attacked the Indian Air Force base in Pathankot. Also Read - Former Pakistan Captain Javed Miandad Wants Spot-Fixers Hanged

India is reportedly on the target of jihad outfits operating from Pakistan. While the civilian government is entered into talks with India on numerous occasion, the military establishment of the Islamic Republic is accused of being hand-in-glove with the hardline elements.

While Kashmir has remained the hotbed of cross-border militancy, the terror groups have been successful in striking mainland India on regular intervals which results into strained Indo-Pak ties.