New Delhi, July 22: In India, at least one cyber attack was reported every 10 minutes in the first six months of 2017. In 2017, as per the Indian Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT-In), a total of 27,482 cases of cybercrimes have been reported across the world. These include phishing, site intrusion, virus, and ransomware. The cyber experts told Times of India that with the programs such as Digital India in place, more Indians are surfing the Internet and hence, it is crucial to put critical infrastructure in place to predict and prevent cybercrimes. Also Read - Vande Bharat Mission: Kuwait Finally Agrees to Operate Repatriation Flights to India From August 10

With the high percentage of cybercrime coming forward this year, the numbers are expected to shoot up in future. Mirza Faizan Asad, a cyber crime expert was quoted by TOI saying: ” The government is making an effort to reduce online crimes but the firms and the individuals need to be ready with a strong team that is programmed for preventing such crimes.” He added: “It is not just enough to make efforts at the government level, which is, in some sense happening, but cybercrime affects hundreds of individual systems and firms, all of whom need to be ready with specialised teams.” Also Read - Coronavirus: India Crosses 2 Million-mark; Maharashtra, Karnataka Witness Highest Single-day Spike

A total of 1.71 lakh cybercrimes were reported in India in the past three-and-a-half years. The number of crimes that have been reported so far (27,482) indicates that the total number is likely to cross 50,000 by December. Also Read - Coronavirus India Update: Tally Crosses 19-lakh Mark With 52509 Infections Within 24 Hours, Recovery Rate Rises to Over 67%

In the past three years, Ransomware attacks have increased. In this, the attacker threatens to publish the data of a person online until a certain amount of ransom is paid. The attackers demand ransom in bitcoins (a digital currency), a secure way for accepting this type of payment.

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Asad further stated that one must take cyber security seriously. As per him many organisations have not yet tightened their cyber security and are taking things lightly, that might harm them anytime. “The vast majority of organisations are looking at cyber security as a compliance task and thus do the minimum possible to achieve that,” Asad said.

According to Hindustan Times, the central government has created a Crisis Management Plan to prevent cybercrimes in India. Mock drills are being conducted to find out faults in cyber security of the government and critical sectors.