New Delhi: As per the new survey released by the LocalCircles, a total of 28 percent of surveyed households in the national capital have one or more members showing flu-like symptoms. The survey was based on answers by 7,697 respondents across Delhi who were asked about the number of individuals in their households currently with one or more flu-like symptoms like fever, running nose, cough, headache or body ache.Also Read - Uttarakhand Coronavirus Curfew Extended Till October 5. Check Details Here

The LocalCircle is a platform that allows citizens and organisations to connect with each other, and understand collective issues, challenges, solutions, opportunities, the pulse at the macro or micro levels. Also Read - Third Wave of Corona in India: When is it Expected And What it May Look Like?

Amid fears of a possible third wave of COVID-19, experts at a recent meeting of the Delhi Disaster Management Authority (DDMA) had said that as flu and coronavirus have similar symptoms, and so the Delhi government should continue vigorous testing to keep the spread of COVID-19 in check during the flu season. Also Read - Third Wave of Corona: Has it Arrived in Madhya Pradesh? Here's What Experts Say

“In response, six per cent of Delhi’s residents said there are currently four or more individuals with flu-like symptoms. As many as 11 per cent said they have two three individuals with similar symptoms. “Another 11 per cent said there is only one individual with the symptoms. The majority 72 per cent of Delhi’s residents surveyed said no one in their household has flu-like symptoms,” the survey noted.

It added, “On an aggregate basis, 28 per cent Delhi households have one or more members who are currently down with flu-like symptoms”.

As per a statement made by LocalCircle, since mid-August, several residents of Delhi have reported on the platform that they have someone in the family with Covid-like symptoms, that is, fever, running nose, and fatigue.

Many have also been getting RT-PCR tests done only to find during post-doctor consultation that they are negative and under the influence of some kind of viral infection or vector-borne seasonal flu, it said.

The survey also showed that hospitals had been receiving at least 50-60 cases of viral infection cases daily, and have largely been attributing the symptoms to changing weather with extreme heat and excessive rainfall in the city.

An earlier survey by the platform released on August 19 had indicated that 41 per cent of Delhi households with one or more members who were down with viral fever or flu-like symptoms.

(With Inputs from PTI)