New Delhi, Dec 21: A special court in Delhi on Thursday acquitted all accused in the infamous 2G spectrum allocation case.  “Prosecution has miserably failed to prove any charge,” said special CBI judge OP Saini while acquitted all those named in all the cases of the alleged 2G scam. (Explained: What is 2G Scam)

Judge Saini, in his 2,500-page judgment also said that the chargesheet in the case was based on “misreadung and selective reading”. “The chargesheet of the instant case is based mainly on misreading, selective reading,non-reading and out of the context reading of official records,” the judgment said. “There  is  no  evidence  on  the  record  produced  before the court  indicating any criminality  in  the  acts allegedly committed  by  the  accused  persons  relating  to  fixation  of  cut-off date,  manipulation  of  first-come -first-served policy,” it added. (Also Read: Dr Manmohan Singh’s reaction to 2G verdict)

The court also said that nothing that has been submitted by the CBI created any impression of any wrongdoing. “No understanding  of  the  official notes by  outside agency (CBI) creates an  impression of wrong doing,” it said. “Guidelines  have been  framed  in  such  technical  language  that  meaning  of  many terms  are  not  clear  even  to  DoT  officers, how  can  they  blame  companies/others  for  violation  of  the  same,” the judgment added.

All accused, as was instructed by the judge, were present in the courtroom at the time of judgment. The high-profile case has been making headlines for over seven years now. The court was crowded ahead of the verdict with the accused reportedly having to face difficulties getting inside courtroom. (Also Read: 2G scam verdict reactions: Kanimozhi thanks supporters)

Reports said there was tight security outside the courtroom and the accused and others were allowed to go inside at 10:30 am on Thursday. Judge OP Saini then walked in and pronounced verdict in CBI’s first case and Enforcement Directorate’s case. He then reported took a short break and then pronounced the final verdict in CBI’s second case. Jusdge Saini reportedly said that the prosecution has failed to prove any charge against any accused. What followed was sloganeering by supporters of the accused.

Following the announcement, celebrations followed by DMK leaders with their leaders A Raja and Kanimozhi walking out with a clean chit in the case. DMK supporters marched to Patiala House Court and celebrated after the Court’s verdict. “It was a false case. For the past 2 assembly elections, the case was used against us, now it has been proved to be wrong,” said RS Bharathi of DMK.

Both Raja and Kanimozhi have spent months behind bars in the 2G case. Both walked out of the court with smiles on their faces and thanked their supporters.