New Delhi, May 16: Bharatiya Janata Party President and chief strategist Amit Shah has been credited with party’s spectacular performance in 2014 Lok Sabha elections and consequent Assembly elections. Three years on, with no reliable alternative and high on the Modi wave, the BJP won three Assembly elections and the NDA formed governments in eight states out of 21 states that went to polls since May 2014.

From Municipal elections to state polls, Amit Shah,  the close-aide of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, has risen in the ranks in the party and is at the helm of affairs. Shah calls the shot–from deciding on the chief ministerial candidate to pre-poll and post-poll alliance. His experience and leadership skills come at handy for the party and were witnessed after the BJP managed to form the government both in Goa and Manipur even after securing the second position.

The party started the year with a bang as it swept politically crucial Uttar Pradesh and secured a three-fourth majority. Strategising the party campaign, list of campaigners to candidates, everything bore Shah’s signature. He did not leave any stone unturned to secure victory and crushed the Samajwadi Party and Congress alliance in the state.

The campaign is structured in such a way highlighting the achievements of the government and BJP workers campaigning aggressively on the ground. The BJP workers are assigned booths and carry out door to door campaign to galvanise voters. The party is working on the agenda ‘Congress-mukt Bharat’.

Currently, he is on a 110-day, country-wide tour to gain acceptance for BJP ideology for 2019 Lok Sabha elections. His strategy is to make maximum gain on Modi’s popularity and clean reputation. With Congress already decimated and a weak Opposition trying to come together, the BJP is at a comfortable position as of now.

Shah will spend 95 days till September in the northeastern and coastal state. The tour began from Jammu on April 29 and then Shah flew to Tripura and Himachal Pradesh. He also spent two days in West Bengal. The leg of yatra will cover Odisha and Gujarat.

Shah is always at work and on the ground to maximise BJP’s vote share and the tour is aimed at increasing party’s footprint in the areas where it won. Even though BJP was the single largest party in 2014 Lok Sabha elections, the next general elections will also determine party’s acceptability and popularity and give a boost to the saffron party.

The BJP won 282 seats in the 2014 Lok Sabha election in the 543-member Assembly and the National Democratic Alliance won 336 seats. With a weak and discredited opposition, Lok Sabha elections in 2019 may not throw any major challenge to the BJP-led NDA.